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Choose the Ultimate Secret Santa Gift + Five Gift Ideas Under $30

Choose the Ultimate Secret Santa Gift + Five Gift Ideas Under $30

There are two types of people in the world – those who live to give, and those who dread shopping for others. No matter which type you are, our tips will help you choose the ultimate Secret Santa gift for your colleague or family member this year, so you can spread more warm-and-fuzzies and less ugly sweaters!

Listen up.

People love to talk about themselves – but very few know how to listen. Secret Santas are a great opportunity to get to know someone you may have never had a chance to connect with before. Do some digging by the water cooler and instead of trying to come up with witty retorts to their seemingly endless supply of Friends quotes (just keep laughing and never admit you only watched one season), listen up and see what little hints they might drop. At the very least, try to figure out if they’re a Ross or a Chandler and go from there.

Monogram is your friend.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, will think your gift sucks if it has their initials on it. Travel tags, coffee mugs, compact mirrors… the options are endless. There are countless websites that will monogram pretty much anything you can think of, so you can appeal to your Secret Santa’s vain side while barely lifting a finger. If they ask – Santa personally engraved it.

Don’t over-think it.

At the end of the day, Secret Santa gifts are not worth losing sleep over. Jill may forever treasure your hand-painted tissue box in the exact shade of green as her car (stalker alert), or she may toss it in the boot, never to see the light of day again. It’s the thought that counts after all, so don’t stress if you can’t come up with the perfect gift to match your SS’s star sign (and please don’t hand-paint anything).

If in doubt – pun it out.

Humour rarely fails, especially when it comes to impersonal gift-giving. If you are truly stuck (or your SS has the personality of a wet mop), make like a dad and let the Christmas-related puns rein-deer (sorry); we could all use prosseco flutes like these over the holidays!


Still stuck? Here are some ideas under $30 we love:



1. Monogram Luggage Tag, $18.25 from Zazzle

2. Merry Little Christmas Cushion, $8 from Kmart

3. The Bass Speaker, $29.99 from Typo

4. OCD Tote Bag, $16.55 from Zazzle

5. Rifle Paper Co 2-Pack Notebooks, $17.95 from Milligram


Happy gifting!

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